A Baby Owl: A Small Excuse for Not Writing

Yes, I’ve been too busy to write much this week. And here’s the reason why:


This is Alex, aka Owlex. A four-week-old Barn Owl that we got from the Avian Conservation Center near Charleston, SC.  My husband is a falconer, so he knows quite a bit about birds of prey, but this is his first owl. So far, Alex is eating well, taking small bites of mice from the Falconer’s hand. And he sleeps a lot (the owl, not my husband). It was easy to fall in love with this little guy.

Maybe one day, Alex will look like this:

Image by DannyMoore1973 on Pixabay

3 thoughts on “A Baby Owl: A Small Excuse for Not Writing”

    1. Thank you! So far so good! He’s taking food from our hands and even self-fed once today. I’ll post more pictures as he grows. Thanks for reading.

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